Sunday 18th February 2018,
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House of Peace and Justice hosts a musical bash

The House of Peace and Justice (P&J) hosted a night with live music from three bands last Friday.

WV White, Tom Ghoulie and Spaceman Spiff performed. Juniors Mark Chalmers and Sam Carpenter and senior Harris Schaeffer make up Tom Ghoulie.

“The goal was to have a good time and just jam like we normally do,” Carpenter said. “We just wanted to sound as good as possible and create a positive vibe for the crowd.”

The band also posted on the event Facebook page stating “The music is of the gnarliest degree, combining the beach bum house tones with a little bit of rock and roll and psychedelic surf.”

The Spaceman Spiff band members are sophomores James Ormerod, Jake Simpson, Evan Snapp and Kevin Rossi. They describe their music as “channeling the energy of the universe into our music, [projecting] a funk-your-face-off kind of style into the open ears of today’s youth.”

WV White features Tyler Travis, an OWU alum, and Alfie Cicone, John C. Fisher and Tayler Beck. Their music is described as “Midwestern existentialism and sonic surrealism. Suburban ennui turned up all the way. Flora and fauna undisturbed.”

During the concert, the scene was set with low lighting, a laid-back crowd and projected videos on the ceiling of various random scenes. The concert was also intended to be a food drive for the Delaware Country Food Pantry. Students were asked to either donate non-perishable food items or donate food points.

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