Sunday 18th February 2018,
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Freshmen athletes take on the challenge

By: Katie Kuckelheim, Transcript reporter


A freshman year schedule can be tough to balance; it’s even tougher when you have to factor in a sports team.

But Liz Knowlton and AJ Outcalt, freshmen golf players, both agree that their sport fits well into their schedules.

“Having a fall sport helps me stay in a routine,” Outcalt said. He also added, “I feel like I’m getting my work done, but I have to use my time wisely.”

Serena George, a freshman tennis player, said that being in a varsity sport helped her make the transition to college because, “I wouldn’t know what to do with myself otherwise.”

It was clear across all sports that there is a team comradery. Cross country runner Cheyenne Hanson explains, “It’s definitely a lot of fun because we have such a close team bond.

They just accept us even though we’re freshmen.”

When asked about extra responsibilities as a freshman, Cheyenne said, “As long as you earn your place, [upperclassmen] don’t mind. As long as you run the times to be in the top 7, no one will care what grade you’re in.”

Serena said being a freshman “is harder because you have to prove yourself.” However, she added that, “They don’t have the freshmen do the busy work. Everyone helps out.”

A downside, Liz mentions, is, “it’s harder to connect with people in your hall and meet new people during your free time.”

Despite the ups and downs, Serena said, “I was stressful at first, but you feel more a part of the university.”

As AJ said, “Being a freshman is just a title.”

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