Thursday 22nd February 2018,
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Go!OWU strengthens leadership on campus

LEAD fellows direct an informational workshop at Go!OWU. Photo by Nicole Barhorst '16.

LEAD fellows direct an informational workshop at Go!OWU. Photo by Nicole Barhorst ’16.

Go!OWU is a campus-­wide event that provides a variety of diverse educational workshops for student leaders and seeks to strengthen all campus organizations.

The event was held on Sept. 12. Each organization was required to have at least two members in attendance, including the treasurer and one member of their executive board.

The main message behind Go!OWU is to Get Organized (GO) and to bring the campus community in a way that allows everyone to become familiar with their resources, specifically OrgSync and AdAstra. Students are also encouraged to utilize the Wesleyan Council of Student Affairs (WCSA).

“I think Go!OWU is a great way for new and returning student leaders on our campus to become familiar with the different aspects of managing their organization,” said senior Morgan Christie, one of the event’s organizers. “So many student leaders have the capabilities and skills to run successful organizations, but sometimes figuring out the logistics of doing so­­especially if you are new to your position­­can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming.”

Shelli Reeves, senior class president, said,“Many people thought about walking away from some of the activities that they could not grow in, did not like, and/or were too time consuming.

Having this impact on my colleagues was an amazing experience to me and I was glad that I was able to promote positive change.”

Nancy Rutkowski, the assistant director of the Student Involvement Office, said, “Due to the fact that this event occurs early in the fall semester, it is a chance to meet other organization leaders for networking purposes and opportunities to collaborate on future projects which allows for a successful start for campus organizations.”

The event promoted marketing, financial management and general planning and allowed collaboration and deep learning between student leaders across organizations.

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