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The Bloodmobile comes to OWU

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By: Cuckoo Gupta, Transcript Correspondent

Students at Ohio Wesleyan almost missed donating blood this semester. But Circle K, a community service club at OWU, collaborated with the American Red Cross to bring the bloodmobile, a donation center on­ wheels, to campus.

“The American Red Cross, comes to Ohio Wesleyan three times a year, twice in spring semester and once in fall. This semester the blood drive almost didn’t happen,” said Circle K president N’Toia Hawkins, a senior. “It usually takes place in the Benes Rooms, but this semester it was booked. I contacted Fred Moses, the representative for OWU at Red Cross, and he suggested the bloodmobile.”

It was the first time the bloodmobile had come to OWU. Even though “it was easier to set up and very successful,” Hawkins feels that “there might have been a loss of donors due to lack of space.”

“It was my first time giving blood in a bloodmobile,” said sophomore Haley Jacobson.

“It felt strange and claustrophobic at first, being in such a tight space. But the nurses, doctors and volunteers comforted me throughout the experience.”

“Once I was at the table, I forgot I was in the parking lot of our student center. Overall it was a great experience and I would donate blood in a bloodmobile again,” Jacobson continued.

Sophomore Kimberly Liang said, “I’ve always donated blood at a center but this was a completely different experience. It was comfortable but the space was just too tight, but it didn’t matter because it all goes to a good cause.”

“A lot of people are unable to donate due to whatever reason, and there are other ways they could help, by providing their time and volunteering at these blood drives,” said a nurse on the mobile, who requested to be anonymous.

The bloodmobile will not be returning for next semester, as the Benes Room has already been booked for the spring semester blood drive.

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