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WCSA’s first full senate meeting

Photo courtesy of the OWU website.

Photo courtesy of the OWU website.

By Areena Arora, Managing Editor 

The first full senate meeting of 2016 for the Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs (WCSA) was on Jan. 18, coinciding with this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The meeting at Crider Lounge in Hamilton-Williams Campus Center commenced with the attendees watching a part of the famous speech “I have a dream,” by Martin Luther King Jr.

“It was designed to both honor and learn from his accomplishments,” said junior Jess Choate, the WCSA President.

Choate welcomed new senators and guests to the new meeting venue in Hamwill and said the change was made to encourage more attendance by people who are not a part of WCSA.

In her report Choate introduced a new resolution to change the names of “Residential Affairs Committee” and “Campus Relations Committee” to “Student Life” and “Public Relations,” respectively. The senate will vote on the resolution at its next meeting.

Senior Caroline Anderson, secretary of WCSA, reminded senators of the attendance policy and requested attendees to refrain from using cell phones during the meeting in her report.

Sophomore Nick Melvin, chair of the Academic Affairs Committee said in his report, “We hope to solve academic problems before they arise,” adding that one of the goals for the committee this year would be to make a coherent four year plan for all incoming students.

Campus Relations Committee requested senators to get the word out for treasurer applications and appointed senator applications which are both due Friday, Jan 22.

Junior Graham Littlehale, who served as treasurer for WCSA last year, is serving as the interim treasurer until a new one is appointed.

A discussion-question portion was added at the end of the meeting as part of changes made in WCSA’s working this year.

“This is being done to provide a specific platform for senators to speak,” said Choate in response to a questions about the concerns that senators may have heard from students around campus.

Transportation to Columbus, gaps in student-faculty communication and student safety on snowy days at crosswalks were some of the concerns voiced by senators.

The meeting concluded with an announcement by Brad Ingles, the associate director for Young Alumni/Student Programs, about informational session on upcoming Board of Trustees election.

The next full senate meeting will be on Monday, Jan. 25.

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