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Mozart, Schubert and Fauré fill Sanborn Hall

Billie Paulus. Photo by Sam Ripper.

Billie Paulus. Photo by Sam Ripper.

Sam Ripper, Transcript Reporter

Music filled Sanborn Hall as senior Billie Paulus began her senior recital on Feb. 14 at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Paulus had selected a variety of music to sing, which emphasized and showcased her wide range of vocal ability. The songs centered around love’s plight and anguish.

She performed works by Mozart, Schubert and Fauré, creating a mix of emotions as she sang about lovers’ sweet embrace.

Her mother said Paulus’ appreciation toward music began at a young a age. “[Paulus] loved music as a child [and] played piano by ear.”

She added that her daughter’s “love for choir really fueled her passion for music.”

Paulus said she had never expected to major in music, but she knows that she would’ve regretted it if she hadn’t.

Photo by Sam Ripper.

Photo by Sam Ripper.

Since Paulus is a senior, this recital was her last time performing at OWU.

“She looks, walks, talks like her grandmother… to see her up on that stage meant the world to me,” Paulus’ mother said.

Paulus reflected on what it felt like to sing at OWU one last time, “[It was an] opportunity to share what I’ve been given, but mostly it just feels like I was able to give a gift I really love,” she said.

After graduation, Paulus said she plans on staying in Columbus, Ohio. She also said she wants to attend a postgraduate school for English after she works at her local church.

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