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The Beat: Mac Miller is feeling the love on new album “The Divine Feminine”

By John Bonus, Transcript Reporter

With a new approach but familiar style, Mac Miller is back at it again with his fourth studio album.

Photo courtesy of Google

“The Divine Feminine” album cover. Photo courtesy of Google.

Malcolm McCormick, better known as Mac Miller, released “The Divine Feminine” Sept. 16. This comes almost exactly a year after the 24 year-old Pittsburgh native’s last album, “GO:OD AM” came out.

On this project, the rapper and singer decided to open up and dedicate every track to feelings of and about love. While it is not uncommon for rappers to make songs about love, it is rare to see an entire hip-hop album dedicated to the topic.

In an interview with Complex Magazine, Miller talked about the main idea behind the album, which is that love and the universe are connected.  

“I’ve noticed that love is just a concept, but it works with life in general as well,” Miller said. “Treating the world how you’re supposed to treat a female is awesome. It’s a deeper experience with life.”

Inspiration for the project may also stem from Miller’s new relationship with singer Ariana Grande, who features on the song “My Favorite Part.”

Miller brought a variety of other artists to the table ranging from Kendrick Lamar on the track “God is Fair, Sexy Nasty,” to CeeLo Green on “We.”

While the album may differ from past projects in its overarching theme, Mac Miller still returns with the jazzy beats and clever (and sometimes cheesy) rhymes that he has become known for in his accomplished career.

“The Divine Feminine” is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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