Sunday 18th February 2018,
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Pulcini happy to be selected for assistant dean position

By John Bonus, Transcript Reporter

If you’ve seen some fresh bowties around campus this semester chances are you have seen Brad Pulcini, one of OWU’s newest addition to faculty.

The Transcript stopped by Pulcini’s office to get an idea of who he is and what he plans to achieve.

Q: Where are you from?

A: Originally from Pittsburgh but I have lived in Columbus the last 8 years.

Q: What made you want to work in education?

A: My initial degree was in social studies for secondary education. However in grad school I got a position working in the freshman development office and it was there I realized I liked working with college students. It’s a unique age where a lot of transitional stuff is happening. I was someone who transferred twice as an undergrad and needed help with going through the process so I knew that I wanted to do that for other people.

Q: What is your position at OWU?

A: Assistant Dean for Student Engagement and Director 0f the First Year Experience.

Q: Can you give a brief overview of your position and what it requires?

A: My main focus is working with first year students during their transition from high school to college and helping them to successfully navigate their way through freshman year. We want to bring all the great things already happening at OWU into a cohesive process and expand on that. So I’ll be looking at making programs, services, support and other educational things to help students in their first year. And in my Assistant Dean role I see over the student involvement office.

Q: Why did you decide the job was a good fit for your skills?

A: OWU was always attractive to me because of the type of institution it is being a liberal arts school that is fully residential but also is focused on globalization and looking at developing the whole student. When I saw the position was open I had to apply. I’m happy I was selected for the position because I really believe in the work being done here in regards to student success and I’m very excited to be at a place that puts such value on making sure students are successful in and out of the classroom

Q: What does OWU need to improve on in terms of your job?

A: I’ve only been here a month so I’m still figuring that out. I’ve been meeting with a lot of different people on campus to get to know how things work. I think OWU does a lot of great things for it’s students but it needs to come under a cohesive effort and then we can build off that.

Q: What motivates you the most?

A: Definitely the students. It’s getting to know them and their success that motivates me to do what I do. In my previous job I did a lot of behind the scenes work and now I’m happy to be working day to day with students. To me if you’re not in higher education to work directly with students for their success then you’re not in it for the right reasons. Students are a huge investment in not only the future of Wesleyan but in our society and as faculty in higher education we have a great opportunity to shape that and help students realize their potential.

Q: What are your goals here at OWU?

A: Long term we really want to create a comprehensive first year program that from admissions all the way to sophomore year supports and challenges students while helping to ingrain them into OWU. It’s going to take some time and work to do that but it is exciting work to begin.

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: I am in a Ph.D program and I am the father of a four- year-old and a two-year-old so there isn’t too much free time between work, school and my family. However, when I do have free time, I love running and reading. I’ve completed several full and half marathons. My job requires a lot of extrovertism so when I do have time to myself, I love to relax and read.

Q: What motivates you the most?

A: Definitely the students. It’s getting to know them and their success that motivates me to do what I do.

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