Saturday 20th January 2018,
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NASTY Women’s club proposed after President Trump’s remarks

By Alanna Henderson, Managing Editor

Late night thoughts can often lead to change and positive impacts.

Ohio Wesleyan senior Kayla Eggleston is the founder of Never Allow Shaming Toward Young (NASTY) Women’s Club.  The idea for the club came to her after President Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a ‘nasty woman’ during the campaign season.  

Clinton’s advocates showed their support for her at the Women’s March on Washington, sporting pink hats and pink shirts with the words “nasty woman” on it.

NASTY currently comprises 13 members and aims to support equality of all and end shaming.

“I think it’s really important to take something that is negative and turn it into something positive,” Eggleston said about Trump’s remarks.

NASTY’s purpose is to stop shaming toward young women of all color, race, ethnicity, origin and sexual orientation. The club stands to support women’s equality in all aspects of life.

But NASTY isn’t just supportive of women’s equality, but all walks of life and if approved as a club, plan to raise awareness for other issues, as well. The members of NASTY hope to raise awareness on President Trump’s immigration ban and how this ban is affecting women and children.

“Everything we do will be done peacefully and support all equality,” Eggleston said. “I hope that whatever we do we can make an impact, because at least we are making good a positive effect.”

Other current officers of NASTY include secretary Mahnoor Ansari and treasurer Zhen Holmes. Eggleston said she plans to have more OWU Daily advertisements for how to become a member once the club is fully approved.

“I hope the club evolves to become a place where everyone feel safe. A place to talk have questions answered, gain a sense of inclusion and companionship. I wanted to join because recent turmoil has people thinking with anger and fear, when what we need most is kindness and understanding,” Zhen Holmes.

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