Wednesday 22nd February 2017,
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Breaking: Public safety sends alert to students to shelter in place


By Transcript Staff Delaware Police Department (DPD) is searching for two possible suspects for a “reported crime involving a gun” in downtown Delaware. Ohio Wesleyan’s Public Safety (PS) sent an alert at 11:47 a.m., Feb. 17, notifying the campus community to shelter in place while police search for the suspects. [...]

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The benefits of diversity in academia


By Dr. Thomas Wolber, Modern Foreign Languages professor Some people hold the view that diversity is incompatible with and antithetical to excellence. A woman can never be an effective president, they might say. The same people may believe that a black student can never become a top-notch STEM scientist or that [...]

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Ohio Wesleyan men’s basketball roll past the College of Wooster


By Aleksei Pavloff, Sports Editor The Ohio Wesleyan University men’s basketball climbed to the top of the NCAC standings with a win against the College of Wooster on Feb. 11. Senior Ben Simpson and junior Nate Axelrod contributed nearly 50 points combined in the win against the conference rival. In the previous game, when [...]

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The BEAT: #Fest brings Migos as additional headliner


By John Bonus, Transcript Reporter The Number Fest has announced the final headlining artist of the biggest college music festival in the country and it is a big one… or better yet, three. Migos will be the performing at the music festival hosted by Ohio University in Athens. It will take place [...]

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Play makes mighty roar in Studio


By Liz Hardaway, Arts & Entertainment Editor “La Comedia Teatro” has come to town and is bringing classic Rome to the Studio Theater. “Androcles and the Lion,” a children’s play, brings to life the story of Androcles, played by junior Charlie Lennon, who is enslaved by the wicked, crotchety miser Pantalone, played by sophomore Jack [...]

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Short film makes history


By Gopika Hair, Editor-in-Chief Senior Trent Williams made history Feb. 3, during Black History Month, by being the first black director/producer to create and showcase a film with an all-black cast. 1. What was most challenging about bringing the play to life? The biggest challenge was getting my actors to see the script as a [...]

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Love is a battlefield: Which side are you on?


By Evan Walsh and Sara Hollabaugh By Evan Walsh, Chief Copy Editor Boxes of chocolates, roses, dinners your college budget can’t afford—Valentine’s Day just came and went. I want to leave you bachelorettes and bachelors with some survival tips for Valentine’s Day 2018. Now, while it may seem like everyone is making preparations [...]

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Ohio Wesleyan senior to create neurological supplement “Rise”


By Aleksei Pavloff, Sports Editor An Ohio Wesleyan student is in the works of creating a supplement that could be more than just a replacement for your typical cup of coffee. Senior Zack Katona’s supplement Rise aims to help college students and young professionals get a neurological jumpstart. The concept [...]

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Third OWU SLUplex construction underway


By Gopika Nair, Editor-in-Chief Come fall semester, a new Small Living Unit (SLU) will emerge on the block. The third SLUplex is going to be located at 110 Rowland Ave. between 94 and 118 Rowland, according to an email from Wendy Piper, assistant dean of student af- fairs and director of residential life at [...]

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Students compete in national Moot Court tournament


By Sara Hollabaugh, Online Editor Senior Caroline Hamilton and junior Madeleine Juszynski participated in the American Collegiate Moot Court Association’s 2016-17 national tournament, held in St. Petersburg, Florida. Hamilton described Moot Court as a Supreme Court simulation. “Every year, the Moot Court Association writes a new case to be argued [...]

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