Tuesday 21st April 2015,
The Transcript
  • The 2015 OWU men's lacrosse team. Photo courtesy of battlingbishops.com.

    A dramatic Denison Day win

    Whenever the Ohio Wesleyan men’s lacrosse team faces Denison University, there’s bound to be some excitement. On April 12 that was exactly the case as senior attacker John Umbach scored the winning goal with only

  • Amy Butcher and the "Visiting Hours" book cover.

    OWU professor’s first book is a coping mechanism

    Shortly before the end of her undergraduate career, Amy Butcher went out for drinks with some friends, including a close friend named Kevin. He walked her home, told her a joke about a John Denver

  • (left to right) Junior Shelli Reeves, junior Brittany Spicer and junior Ben Miller. Top photo courtesy of owu.edu. Lower photos courtesy of Facebook.

    Controversial run-off voting for senior class council takes place

    The announcement of a run-off election for Senior Class Council in late March has not gone over well with candidates who were previously told they won. In order to confirm the results of the initial

  • Left to right: senior Grace Thompson as Hope Cladwell, senior Ryan Haddad as Caldwell B. Cladwell, senior Luke Scaros as Officer Barrel and senior Brianna Robinson as Penelope Pennywise. Photo courtesy of Ian Boyle.

    Award-winning musical brings satire and singing to OWU

    An evil corporation charges people for peeing in order to control water consumption in the Tony Award-winning Urinetown: the Musical, coming to Ohio Wesleyan on April 17. Senior Ian Boyle describes the play as a

  • House of Modern Foreign Language (MFL) and the Sexuality and Gender Equality House (SAGE) could be torn down this summer. Photos courtesy of owu.edu.

    SAGE and MFL houses might be razed this summer

    By: Ben Miller and Nicole Barhorst   Residents of the Modern Foreign Language House (MFL) and the Sexuality and Gender Equality House (SAGE) are preparing for the possibility that their houses will be razed over

Photo courtesy of the OWU website.
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When two prospective students asked the vice president of the Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs (WCSA) about baked goods, she knew something was wrong. Emma Drongowski, a junior, began her April 20 full senate report [...]

Photo courtesy of telegraph.co.uk.
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The return of warm weather and sunny days also brings some of the best reasons to hole up inside with the television all day. A few of my favorite shows will be gracing the screen [...]

Attendees talk in front of Caroline Bodee's "Egotism" series. Photo courtesy of Adelle Brodbeck.
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While many students are just beginning to brace themselves for the storm of finals only a few weeks away, Ohio Wesleyan senior art students are starting to breathe easier. On Saturday April 18, the Bachelor [...]

Senior Kaneat Nimcharoenwan. Photo courtesy of owu.edu.
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By: Matthew Moore, Transcript correspondent   The Ohio Wesleyan men’s varsity golf team hosted the two-day Strimer tournament on their home turf April 4, but were unable to pull out the win. This year’s Strimer [...]