Saturday 16th December 2017,
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Professor of comparative literature honors grandfather

By Kienan O’Doherty, A&E Editor  Kicked out of Russia, thrown on a train to China are just two of the many events in the life of George Sokolsky Sr.. As part of Ohio Wesleyan University’s Commemoration of the 100 year anniversary [...]

December 8, 2017 Uncategorized

Game shows ugly side of football

By Kienan O’Doherty, A&E Editor  Targeting in football is a penalty given to someone who hits a defenseless player above the shoulders. But after last night’s game, it is more than just a yellow flag thrown on the field. Monday [...]

December 8, 2017 Opinion

Music professor performs with “Queen of Soul”

By Kienan O’Doherty, A&E Editor  When the opportunity to perform with a music legend comes along, it’s difficult to pass up. Such was the case with Ohio Wesleyan professor and trumpeter Larry Griffin, who had the opportunity to perform with [...]

December 8, 2017 Entertainment

New dining service may be introduced

By Kienan O’Doherty, A&E Editor  With Ohio Wesleyan growing bigger by the day, meeting student needs becomes more of a challenge. Chartwells, which has been Ohio Wesleyan’s main food vendor since 2011, has been getting negative reviews from students and [...]

December 1, 2017 News

To control or not to control guns

By Kienan O’Doherty, A&E Editor  Dear President Trump, it’s time for the United States to put more limitations on guns. Yet another shooting happened recently, this time in the small county of Sutherland Springs, Texas. Twenty-six people were killed when [...]

November 13, 2017 Opinion