Tuesday 25th October 2016,
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Maroon 5's album titled "V." Photo courtesy of ivocabrera.com.

Sugar may be sweet, but Maroon 5’s newest album is sweeter

Maroon 5’s latest album, V, was released on Aug. 29, 2014. It sold 164,000 copies in just the first week; the album has a mix of fun dance songs to some emotional, calm songs. A couple notable songs on this [...]

February 26, 2015 Opinion
Cartoon courtesy of Blake Fajack.

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February 25, 2015 Opinion
Photo courtesy of usmagazine.com.

Fifty Shades of “what the hell”

By: Matt Cohen and Ben Miller So, you were alone on Valentines Day? Well, we were too.  And we are no relationship experts, but I’m sure our experiences will draw some helpful lessons. Maybe. Being alone really isn’t such a [...]

February 19, 2015 Opinion
Cartoon courtesy of Blake Fajack.

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February 18, 2015 Opinion
"Fifty Shades of Grey" movie poster. Photo courtesy of opi.com.

Why I am not seeing “Fifty Shades of Grey”

I am by no means above seeing a bad movie. Bad movies are some of the most entertaining movies. The poorly constructed plots, the awkward acting, the supremely cheesy wink-wink-nudge-nudge humor – it’s all great. At first I thought that [...]

February 16, 2015 Opinion
Photo courtesy of lmctrav.com.


I am remarkably stupid, I am beyond foolish and I will regret absolutely nothing. I’m currently running on a treadmill because it is too cold to run outside. I have all this energy with which I want to move to [...]

February 16, 2015 Opinion
"The Pinkprint" album cover. Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org.

The album you should be listening to, yesterday

We can all pick out Bruno Mars. But can you name his backup dancers? For a girl once relegated to the background status, Nicki Minaj has come a long way. And now the queen of Young Money Entertainment has released [...]

February 12, 2015 Opinion
Left to right: Deah, Yusor and Razan. Photo courtesy of abcnews.com.

In memory of Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha and Razan Abu-Salha

I’ve been afraid this would happen ever since the Charlie Hebdo attack. But I, and the nation, should have been fearing it since Sept. 11, 2001. Three Muslim students living near the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill were [...]

February 11, 2015 Opinion
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February 11, 2015 Opinion
The current 35 Williams Drive House. Photo courtesy of owu.edu.

Where do seniors go now?

When the news broke that the brothers of Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) would be getting their house back, I was ecstatic. The men of Fiji worked hard and tirelessly to get their housing privileges reinstated. The house is well deserved, [...]

February 6, 2015 Opinion