Thursday 18th January 2018,
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Fluffy friends of Peace and Justice

By Brianna Velliquette Transcript Correspondent House of Peace and Justice siblings Jerome and Pepper have a presence on campus, not for their activism, but for their power to draw people in. “We got them by accident,” house member sophomore Camille Mullins-Lemieux said. “One of our housemates works at a farmer’s [...]

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Helping OWU ‘trans-ition’ its outlook

By Olivia Lease Transcript Correspondent In an effort to make Ohio Wesleyan a more open environment, seniors Nora Anderson and Skylar Drake presented their senior projects, which was “Trans-ition Your Outlook,” on transgender and non-binary issues. Due to the workshop’s conflict with John Lewis’ visit, they have scheduled another discussion [...]

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Women lead study abroad enrollment

Despite a desire from program directors to have more male participation, Travel Learning courses continue to be significantly more utilized by female students. Darrell Albon, Director of International Students, said the skewed participation is a national trend. For more than 10 years, study abroad participation rates have been consistently 65 [...]

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Health center holds tri-focused wellness fair

Spirit, body and mind were the three spheres of this year’s Health and Wellness Fair, the 14th one at Ohio Wesleyan. There were a range of organizations, based around physical, mental and reproductive health. From the university, representatives of the Counseling Center, Chartwells, Healthy Bishop Initiative, PHAT  and Active Minds [...]

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Laundry thefts reported in Hayes, Welch

Several female students have reported clothing items stolen from the Hayes Hall laundry rooms this year, and incidents are becoming more common. In dorms where laundry machines are in high demand and overcrowded, it is expected that some articles of clothing will be lost or picked up by mistake. However, [...]

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Colorful Holi celebration brightens campus


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Global Grab: Elections and reflections

The Issue: Afghanistan Nearly 60 percent of the 12 million eligible voters turned out in the Afghani elections, said the New York Times. According to the United States Elections Project, 58.2 percent of Americans voted in the 2012 elections. Saturday was the country’s first open election, and at least three [...]

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Identity and ideology don’t always mix

There have been renewed peace talks between Israel and Palestine recently. As a cynic, I roll my eyes because I highly doubt that anything will be done this time. But as someone who grew up in a Jewish household and was surrounded by Judaism growing up, I actually hope the [...]

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Male-centered films fail to challenge gender on screen

I’m not really sure when films about women teaming up to take down a man started to be seen as “girl-power” flicks, but they’re not. In past years Hollywood has spit out films such as “John Tucker Must Die,” “The House Bunny” and a more recent creation that has caught [...]

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Commentary: Music faculty interpret Brahms

By Graydon Weaver Transcript Correspondent As winter began to loosen its grip, several staff members displayed their musical talents in the Jemison auditorium of Sanborn Hall. Distinctive musicians in their own right, together they presented the works of one of the most famed classical composers. The work of Johannes Brahms [...]

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