Sunday 25th February 2018,
The Transcript

Last hurrahs of college

By Sara Hollabaugh, Online Editor As a senior with 17 days left at Ohio Wesleyan, I’m about to experience a lot more lasts. Naturally, right? Some are irrelevant, but some lasts are actually making me stop and re ect on my four years here. Though some lasts have taken place [...]

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Onward and upward: The future of journalism

By Areena Arora, Letter to the Editor Automated stories would mean no employment for me as a journalism major, but it is so fascinating a concept, I cannot help but fantasize about it. The future of journalism is one intertwined with technological advances that seemed impossible a decade or so [...]

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Tackling sexual assault in Guatemala

By Evelynn Wyatt, Letter to the Editor I recently traveled to Guatemala on a Travel Learning Grant from Ohio Wesleyan. I was struck immediately by the way that plants and people spilled out from every opening in the city streets. I was also confronted almost immediately by groups of leering, [...]

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Symposium showcases semester

By Orion Wright, Transcript Correspondent Students and faculty chatting together over refreshments; rows of posters displaying the details of research projects; students giving presentations on the work they had completed over the course of the semester- these are the sights attendees of the Student Symposium enjoyed on Thursday. The Student [...]

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Immigration ban raises travel concern

By Alameina White, Transcript Correspondent In trying to keep immigrants out of the United States, President Donald Trump has given some of Ohio Wesleyan University’s international students more reason to stay. Selam Weldu, a freshman from Ethiopia, said she is not going home this summer and may not go home [...]

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Women’s soccer hosts Be the Match drive at OWU

By Ben Simpson, Transcript Correspondent The Ohio Wesleyan women’s soccer team took a step closer to cure patients with blood cancers by hosting the Be the Match Drive in the Hamilton-Williams Campus Center this past Thursday. The Be the Match Drive enters people into the bone marrow registry to help [...]

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Horesback rides ease stress in Delaware

By Megan Parker, Transcript Correspondent When someone walks into Stockhands Horses for Healing, they might think it is just a regular horse barn. But once riding lessons begin, it becomes clear that the barn is not at all ordinary. Stockhands is a nonprofit organization in Delaware that provides therapy in [...]

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Professor talks green week

By Gabe Linderman, Transcript Correspondent Ohio Wesleyan has been trying to stay on the cutting edge of environmental sustainability for a long time, but as a whole, the school often falls short. John Krygier illustrated the school’s efforts, and lack thereof in a lecture delivered April 21 to a small [...]

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E&W Club organize Green Week

By Alanna Henderson, Managing Editor During the week leading up to Earth Day, Ohio Wesleyan’s Environmental and Wildlife Club (E&W) celebrates with Green Week. The 2017 theme was “What’s your ecosphere?” which focused on how a person’s everyday life can have a rippling effect on the environment. Throughout the week, [...]

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Potential Bishops experience a slice of campus life

By Alanna Henderson, Managing Editor Every year, Ohio Wesleyan hosts several Slice of College Life events. This year, ‘Slice’ welcomed 165 admitted students between the three Slice events. Slice of College Life is an event for high school students who have been accepted to OWU. These types of admission events [...]

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