Thursday 08th December 2016,
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    Attack occurs at OSU campus

    By Areena Arora, Managing Editor On Monday, Nov. 28, an Ohio State student carried out a knife attack, injuring 11 people before being taken down by

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    Introducing President-elect Donald J. Trump

    By Courtney Dunne, Editor-in-Chief and Areena Arora, Managing Editor The verdict is in. The 45th President-elect of the United States is business tycoon and tv

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    Bashford renovation put on indefinite hold

     By John Bonus, Transcript Reporter Ohio Wesleyan’s plans to renovate Bashford Hall this year have been canceled, despite students not mov- ing into the facility

  • Repairs and renovations around campus

    By Sara Hollabaugh, Online Editor Recently renovated and constructed buildings on campus have already received repairs this semester. Before the repairs, steps outside of Merrick Hall

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    OWU professor of 28 years passes away

    By The Transcript Staff Ohio Wesleyan professor of 28 years, Kim Lance passed away the evening of Nov. 3.  Lance “became ill as he was

Electing a new president with no right to vote

By Urvija Rishi, Transcript Correspondent “When Uncle Sam sneezes, the whole world catches a cold” — and this election is nothing if proof of that. The entire world is waiting with bated breath for the decision of the American people and their stake in this election is not purely for entertainment, [...]

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The Transcript: Will America ever be great again?

By Transcript Staff, Transcript Staff In June 2015, when Donald Trump, former American game show star, announced his candidacy, it was considered a joke, or at least questioned. But little did we know 17 months later in the wee hours of the morning of Nov. 9 2016, he would become the [...]

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OWU’s mock vote falls flat

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By Matt Maier, Transcript Reporter Would it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? This was the question Ohio Wesleyan wanted to know when they held a mock vote Nov. 2. The Student Involvement Office, located in the Hamilton-Williams Campus Center, held a mock presidential vote and the result was what the [...]

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Voting made easy on and off campus

By Michael Barr, Transcript Correspondent Only once in one class’s college career does the occasion arise in which Ohio Wesleyan students can cast their vote and unsurprisingly, opinions become evident. OWU holds consistent with the tradition of small liberal arts college cam- puses being predominately politically liberal, according to the recent [...]

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103-year-old Dorothy Sellers votes for Hillary

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By Areena Arora, Managing Editor A 103-year-old lifelong Republican Dorothy Sellers voted for Hillary Clinton. Sellers was born seven years before women were given the right to vote and has only seen men in the Oval Office. Sellers studied as an English major at Ohio Wes- leyan University from 1932-33, but [...]

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Levy for mental health passes

By Gabe Linderman, Transcript Reporter There were two Delaware, Ohio local levies, one charter amendment and an income tax increase up on the ballot this election day. Two were countywide levies, one was a local tax increase and the last issue was an amendment to the existing city charter. Both levies [...]

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Delaware County goes red again

Photo by Leah Miza

By Leah Miza, Photo Editor Delaware County has been a predominantly red county since 1861, and in this year’s election, so was the state of Ohio. Delaware has been a republican party vote for around for 150 years, said Andrew Brenner, Ohio state representative. He added that the main issues [...]

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President-elect Donald J. Trump’s Policies: National Debt

By Shamayeta Rahman, Transcript Reporter Currently the U.S. has about $14 trillion in debt, which is about 75 percent of the gross domestic product. This is projected to grow by almost 130 percent by 2040. Majority of the U.S. public spending goes into federal health care and Social Security costs. [...]

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President-elect Donald J. Trump’s Policies: Healthcare Act

By Areena Arora, Managing Editor President Donald Trump plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Healthcare Act, commonly known as Obamacare. According to Trump’s campaign website, his office “will work with Congress to create a patient-centered health care system that promotes choice, quality and affordability.” In contrast, Democratic nominee Hillary [...]

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President-elect Donald J. Trump’s Policies: International Relations

By John Bonus, Transcript Reporter As president of the U.S., one of the largest responsibilities is to represent the country on issues of international relations and foreign policy. On the topic of international relations, Donald Trump takes a stance that conflicts Barack Obama’s tactics. His agenda will likely undo many [...]

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