Tuesday 17th January 2017,
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    Attack occurs at OSU campus

    By Areena Arora, Managing Editor On Monday, Nov. 28, an Ohio State student carried out a knife attack, injuring 11 people before being taken down by

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    Introducing President-elect Donald J. Trump

    By Courtney Dunne, Editor-in-Chief and Areena Arora, Managing Editor The verdict is in. The 45th President-elect of the United States is business tycoon and tv

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    Bashford renovation put on indefinite hold

     By John Bonus, Transcript Reporter Ohio Wesleyan’s plans to renovate Bashford Hall this year have been canceled, despite students not mov- ing into the facility

  • Repairs and renovations around campus

    By Sara Hollabaugh, Online Editor Recently renovated and constructed buildings on campus have already received repairs this semester. Before the repairs, steps outside of Merrick Hall

  • Kim A. Lance. Photo via Facebook

    OWU professor of 28 years passes away

    By The Transcript Staff Ohio Wesleyan professor of 28 years, Kim Lance passed away the evening of Nov. 3.  Lance “became ill as he was

Orchesis 2016 sweeps the stage

Photo via Orchesis Facebook page.

By Evan Walsh, Transcript Reporter Orchesis, presented by Ohio Wesleyan’s department of theatre and dance, excited audiences with modern, interpretive dance choreographed and performed by students. Three shows were presented from Nov. 11 to Nov. 13 at the Chappelear Drama Center. The program featured eight separate acts, each of which [...]

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Pres Ball celebrates 31 years

Photo courtesy of Mark Schmitter '12

By Gopika Nair, Chief Copy Editor Over the last 31 years, Ohio Wesleyan underwent several changes, but President’s Ball remains an unchanged, annual holiday tradition at the university. President’s Ball is a formal dance event attended by students, faculty and staff, and is typically held the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Since [...]

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Post-election result raises questions

By Shamayeta Rahman, Transcript Reporter ELECTION IS OVER: NOW WHAT? On Nov.8, Donald J. Trump won the election with 290 electoral votes. A lot has happened in the one month since the controversial election. Here’s the breakdown of the few major issues: Protests spread in large cities countrywide Mass protests [...]

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Students and faculty voice fears about election results

By Liz Hardaway, Arts & Entertainment Editor Just 48 hours after the election results were unveiled, Ohio Wesleyan held an open discussion among students and faculty to review the historic night. In the second floor lounge of Smith Hall, around 40 people gathered, including staff from the Chaplain’s Office, six [...]

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International students talk turkey

By Shamayeta Rahman, Transcript Reporter To most Ohio Wesleyan students, Thanksgiving is a time for turkey and time together with the family. However, those who are thousands of miles away from home are often left to spend this American tradition on an empty campus. Most international students and some domestic students [...]

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Attack occurs at OSU campus

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By Areena Arora, Managing Editor On Monday, Nov. 28, an Ohio State student carried out a knife attack, injuring 11 people before being taken down by the police. Before the attack, Abdul Razak Ali Artan rammed into a group of people in a car. The injured include at least one faculty [...]

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Before college: forever alone, after college: forever a loan

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By Areena Arora, Managing Editor Congratulations! You just graduated with an average student debt more than it has ever been in the history of college education, even when adjusted for inflation. The debate is not new. For more than two decades now, students and scholars have wondered if a college degree [...]

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How to get away with not doing homework

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By Gopika Nair, Chief Copy Editor Sometimes students catch a cold and have to miss class. Sometimes they don’t hand in assignments because of a spontaneous printer malfunction. And sometimes, students just can’t attend required events because they’re behind bars. Bonnie Gardner, former professor of theatre at Ohio Wesleyan University, said [...]

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Interfaith House celebrates early Thanksgiving

InterFaith house members. Photo via Facebook.

By Liz Hardaway, Arts & Entertainment Editor On Nov. 16, the Interfaith House (IF) hosted an open-table discussion about what people are thankful for. Sophomore Anna Davies facilitated this discussion for her house project to encourage people to join together before the break and spread her house message, which is to [...]

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Economic Outlook conference held

By Tung Nguyen, Transcript Correspondent International economies were dull and dry in the last decade and will be prolonged by Donald Trump in the next few years. Ian Sheldon, a visiting professor from the Ohio State University, presented his thoughts to Ohio Wesleyan University students and faculty in the Benes room [...]

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