Tuesday 20th February 2018,
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Opinion: Political exhaustion

By Liz Hardaway, Arts & Entertainment Editor I’m tired of hearing about politics. Since early 2015, when liberals “felt the Bern” and someone from the Internet figured out Ted Cruz looked like the Zodiac Killer, I subscribed to a few [...]

April 20, 2017 Opinion

Political pendulum shifts in Latin America

By Gopika Nair, Editor-in-Chief By many indicators, Latin America has the most unequal distribution of wealth in the world. Some have termed Latin America’s uneven distribution “the birth defect of in- equality because it dates back to at least colonization,” [...]

March 23, 2017 News, Politics

State representative inspires at talk

By Evan Walsh, Chief Copy Editor On Nov. 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States. Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American woman and follower of Islam, was elected to her state’s legislature that same [...]

March 23, 2017 News

Election results discussed by Professor Jenny Holland

By Evan Walsh, Transcript Reporter Whether you supported Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, the election results likely came as a surprise to you if you were paying attention to the polls. Every major news network, from the conservative Fox to the [...]

December 8, 2016 Politics

Farewell, Obama

By Shamayeta Rahman, Transcript Reporter When he entered the Oval Office, Barack Obama, 47, the junior senator from Illinois had made history as the United States’ first African-American President. He was inaugurated into office on Jan. 29, 2008 with an economy [...]

November 10, 2016 Politics

Saturday Night Live covers elections

By Matt Maier, Transcript Reporter What are three words that describe this year’s election? Now, think of the Saturday Night Live skits that have been done. Are your answers roughly similar? This election has brought some of the funniest and most [...]

November 10, 2016 Politics

2016 Election Highlights

By John Bonus, Transcript Reporter From start to finish, this election has been anything but ordinary. Since candidates first started announcing their campaigns, America has been on one of the wildest political roller coasters in history. While there have been many [...]

November 10, 2016 Politics

The Transcript: Will America ever be great again?

By Transcript Staff, Transcript Staff In June 2015, when Donald Trump, former American game show star, announced his candidacy, it was considered a joke, or at least questioned. But little did we know 17 months later in the wee hours of [...]

November 10, 2016 Uncategorized

OWU’s mock vote falls flat

By Matt Maier, Transcript Reporter Would it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? This was the question Ohio Wesleyan wanted to know when they held a mock vote Nov. 2. The Student Involvement Office, located in the Hamilton-Williams Campus Center, held [...]

November 10, 2016 Politics

Voting made easy on and off campus

By Michael Barr, Transcript Correspondent Only once in one class’s college career does the occasion arise in which Ohio Wesleyan students can cast their vote and unsurprisingly, opinions become evident. OWU holds consistent with the tradition of small liberal arts college [...]

November 10, 2016 Politics